Moco de Gorila Galan Hair Styling Gel Reactivatable with water Long-lasting Hold 11.99 Oz Squeezable Bottle


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Gorilla Snot created ?Galan? hair gel thinking about you. Because we know you have a finger in every pie! You are that party guy with a supreme fashion style that goes flirting everywhere! We know your friends admire you, and your crushes would die for you. Fear is an unknown word in your vocabulary. Of course, you are that bold, cheesy, and confident guy, always saying what everyone wants to hear! Our product will help you create a long-lasting look; you will have the advantage that your hair will not look greasy or with unpleasant residues, and your hairstyle will be under control. Being the life and soul of the party, you need a hairstyle that resembles your lifestyle. Now you can have the hairstyle you?ve always wanted! Gorilla Snot Gel Galan will help you show off your new hairstyle, making it look shiny, full of life, and healthy. Gorilla Galan has a high hold factor, number 7. Ideal for your fancy lifestyle! Our advanced residue-free formula will help protect your hair, leaving it set as you always want it! Your creativity will have no limit with the hairstyle variety that Gorilla Galan can offer you! Show off your new hairstyle all day long!


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