Moco de Gorila Explosive Rockero Hair Styling Gel Long-Lasting Hold Reactivatable with water 11.92 Oz Squeezable Bottles.


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Gorilla Snot Gel Explosive Rockero allows you to enjoy being the master of parties, you always look good, even if you only like to wear black. Your taste in music makes you think of new beats, even right now! We know that you create melodies in the middle of class, and you are guided by your instincts in karaoke and on the dance floor. Now you can make any hairstyle that you can imagine with Gorilla Snot Gel Explosive Rockero! You will be the star, thanks to its long-lasting effect! Being a rockero, you need a hairstyle that resembles your lifestyle! Try Explosive Rockero Gorilla! You will be like a star, showing your style throughout the whole concert or any other activity you get involved in. Now you can have the hairstyle you?ve always wanted! Gorilla Snot Gel will help you show off your new hairstyle, making it look shiny, full of life, and healthy. Explosive Rockero Gorilla has a high hold factor, number 9. Ideal for your rocker lifestyle! It is specially designed so your hairstyle will reflect your personality. Your creativity will have no limit with the hairstyle variety that Explosive Gorilla Rockero can offer you! Show off your new hairstyle all day long!


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