Vagisil Deodorant Powder Talc-free – 8 Oz


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The Vagisil Daily Intimate Deodorant Powder provides Odor Block and moisture protection to promote natural intimate hygiene. This feminine odor powder features a silky formula that helps prevent chafing and implements Odor Block Protection to keep feminine odor from happening. Our feminine care products are 100% talc-free, leaving behind a light, fresh scent while allowing for safe and gentle everyday use. Look for additional intimate hygiene products like our female hygiene spray, feminine body sprays, travel-size feminine spray, and gentle intimate washes.

Vagisil Daily Intimate Deodorant Powder, With Patented Odor Block Protection And 100% Talc-Free, 8 Oz.:

  • 8 ounce deodorant powder to block odor
  • Absorbs moisture and helps prevent odor & chafing
  • Has patented Odor Block protection
  • 100% talc free
  • For extra protection, sprinkle on panties, pads and panti-liners every day


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