Mason Natural Eazzzy Sleep with Magnesium & Chamomile 60 Tablets


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Eazzzy Sleep natural supplement can be taken before bedtime and may help signal your body to relax and slow down. It contains magnesium plus the natural herb chamomile which, together in a perfect ratio, may provide the help you need to gently fall asleep. Magnesium increases GABA, a neurotransmitter in the brain that signals sleep. Low GABA levels in the body can make it difficult to relax. Meanwhile, chamomile is an herb that contains a natural extract called apigenin. Apigenin has a chemical structure that allows it to bind with GABA receptors in the brain which may also help induce sleepiness. Magnesium and chamomile work in in different ways within the brain to influence neurotransmitters that may increase the likelihood of restful sleep. Unlike many over-the-counter sleep medications, your body metabolizes these ingredients in a way that reduces the likelihood of feeling groggy and sluggish the next morning.


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