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Africa’s Best Organics Carrot Tea-Tree Oil Therapy is a blend of organic oils enriched with beta carotene, proteins, vitamins and herbal extracts. This all-purpose oil is specifically formulated to rejuvenate hair, revitalize scalp and stimulate skin. Africa’s Best Organics Carrot Tea-Tree Oil Therapy is for body, hair and scalp. Directions: Massage carrot tea-tree oil therapy into hair and scalp, distributing gently And evenly. After shampooing with organic stimulating therapy therapy shampoo, heat carrot tea-tree oil therapy To a luke-warm temperature (do not overheat or boil). Towel-dry hair, then apply. Cover Hair with a plastic cap for 10 minutes. Rinse excess oil From hair and style as desired. For skin: massage into skin, cuticles And/or feet daily. For best results, add to bath water.


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