Benjamins Kananga Water 60ml


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A classic Jamaican scent that’s too good to keep a secret. Benjamins Kananga Water is a fantastic fragrance that not only smells good, but also can help bring relief to people suffering from depression; the calming effect of the perfume can be used on your body to keep sadness away. Kananga Water is also used as scrying water and for other ritual and cosmetic purposes. Add a few drops of Kananga Water to your body lotion to keep you smelling like the ylang ylang flower the entire day. The floral aroma will invoke thoughts of joy and improve your mood. This spiritual water is alcohol-based; with a strong, sweet, exotic scent. It’s pungent aroma makes it a wonderful choice for perfume or cologne. Sprinkle some into your bath water to help ease the aches associated with fever.


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