Axe Black Night Deodorant Body Spray without Aluminium Salts 150 ml


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AXE Black Night Deodorant Spray 150 ml without aluminium salts. With the AXE Black Night Body Spray, the modern man, with style and feel for the essentials, is ready for the perfect evening and the challenges of the unexpected. The fragrance of AXE Black Night gives it a unique aura that makes it experience the magic of a special night. Completely unexpected events and experiences – stimulating, sensual, fascinating. AXE Black Night combines the efficient AXE protection against body odour with one of the most interesting fragrances, developed by the best fragrance experts in the world. It combines a blend of cardamom, ginger root and grapefruit as well as pear. In the heart notes follows a warm touch of cashmere wood, orange blossom, pimentberry, lavender and geranium, rounded off by shades of vanilla, tonka bean, amber and cedar wood. Completely without aluminium salts, AXE Black Night effectively protects its wearer so that even in the most unexpected situations it appears safely and authentically. The product design of AXE Black Night reflects the intention of the masculine warm fragrance. A mixture of monochrome matte black and flattering marsalar red symbolises the night in the morning red, whose experiences are sure to be remembered. AXE Black Night is the effective body spray with the elegant scent that makes it ready for the unexpected. AXE – FIND YOUR MAGIC.


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